We are innovative.

Responsible global stewardship requires a commitment to complex solutions. Universal Fibers® has been leading the industry toward these solutions for more than 40 years, relying on the recognized metrics of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and NSF-140 among others.

As pioneers in sustainable fiber technology, Universal Fibers leads the industry with several outstanding accomplishments. We were first to commercialize solution-dyed fiber, which delivers superior color fastness, yet requires no water or water heating in the coloration process, and uses no energy in drying yarn. We were also first to use pre-consumer recycling, another groundbreaking process. And with Refresh®, Universal Fibers was first to deliver solution-dyed nylon 6,6 in a broad color palette using post-consumer recycled carpet fiber diverted from landfills.

Universal Fibers remains steadfast in our commitment to provide the global marketplace with the most sustainable products and services in the fiber industry.

We are collaborative.

In addition to natural resource protection, we believe sustainability means more than recycled products, landfill diversion, water conservation, and environmental stewardship. Universal Fibers is also committed to social sustainability and actively supports the people and communities in which we live and work.

We create value.

Sustainability has many definitions. Some would say it’s about what you accomplish. Others would say it’s about what you leave behind. Both are facets of impact, which in turn is a synonym for value. This is a core metric – an ever-present measurement process – an ongoing expectation. We hear it, we feel it, we are all about delivering on it.