Sustainable Products & Processes

Delivering sustainable fiber products with superior performance and leading styling aesthetics is an extremely complex challenge. Since 1969, and as pioneers in sustainable fiber technology, Universal Fibers® has welcomed this challenge and consistently has lead the industry with firsts including solution-dyeing, pre-consumer recycling and post-consumer recycling.

The coloring process we use is called solution-dyeing. This means that our proprietary palette of 284 specially designed colors are mixed with the polymer before extrusion and blended during the melt stage. As a result, color is built-in and consistent throughout the entire cross-section of the monofiliment along with additional performance features such as permanent stain and UV-resistance.

In traditional dyeing, the fiber is produced and then run through a color wash that requires large amounts of energy, heated water and waste disposal. The entire dye-lot must be machine dried. Solution-dyeing saves both water and energy since it requires no liquid dyeing, rinsing and machine drying.

Universal Fibers also uses post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials as well as bio-based product technology. Bio-based, also called renewably sourced, processes use naturally derived ingredients from plants and fermentation, like DuPont “bio” 1,3 propanediol (PDO) in Sorona. Other bio-based advances include the use of adipic acid and hexamethylenediamine for Nylon 6,6, both derived from plant and other carbon-based sources. Research has shown that these biological processes are more efficient and less impactful than petroleum extraction.