Nylon 66

Universal Fibers® is the only solution-dyed fiber producer in the world offering Nylon 6,6 with permanent stain resistance.

Nylon 6,6 delivers natural wool like styling aesthetics with superior performance in the areas of resiliency, color fastness, and stain resistance. Our built-in stain resist technology is permanent and cannot be worn off with traffic or washed off with cleaning. Universal Fibers offers Nylon 6,6 in one of the broadest denier ranges in the world featuring our industry leading 600-denier building block. Our solution-dyed process makes Nylon 6,6 available in a limitless number of brilliant color combinations using Universal Color®, Universal Fibers® proprietary color system.


Refresh™ is the world’s most sustainable solution-dyed Nylon 6,6 fiber in a broad color range. Available with Universal Fibers proprietary 600-denier building block, Refresh is made with recycled carpet fiber diverted from landfills (20% pre-consumer 10% post-consumer).