Industrial Fibers

Specialty Cross Sections

Our many cross section options gives us the ability to create a product uniquely suited to fit your specific needs.

Cross section options:

  • Standard round
  • Trilobal
  • Ribbon
  • Bow tie
  • Hollow cross sections

Each cross section can be coupled with the following bi-component options:

  • Core/sheath
  • Side by side
  • Pie wedge
  • Islands in the sea

Self Crimping

Self-bulking is a unique fiber among our offerings. We achieve a higher bulk level compared to traditional false twist or air jet with no need for mechanical crimp.

These self-bulking properties lend themselves to many real-world applications:

  • Liquid transport
  • Thermal
  • Acoustic
  • Carpet
  • Specialty apparel

Low Melt

We have a range of products from 70 denier up to 3600 denier that are either 100% low melt (140 °C) or a bi-component sheath/core, well-suited for end-use applications such as fiberglass binders and composites.


Products are being produced with either sheath/core or channeled cross-sections that dissipate static or exhibit low conductive properties. End uses include carpet, medical and conductive fibers.