High bulk. Low weight. Exceptional color.

Prestiva® by Universal Fibers® answers global demand for high quality, sustainable solution-dyed carpet fiber with built-in stain resistance and limitless color capability. Offered in a wide range of weights beginning with Universal Fibers' exclusive 600-denier building block, Prestiva delivers high-bulk lightweight attributes in support of market objectives for styling, performance and ease of care and maintenance. Outstanding stain resistance is also achieved with built-in technology inherent in the fiber. As leaders in solution-dyed color, Universal Fibers offers Prestiva in a trend-setting palette of 90 core colors with access to 284 additional colors from Universal Color®

  • 100% Solution-dyed, high performance nylon-6
  • 90 core colors with access to Universal Color®
  • Exclusive 600-denier "building block"
  • High bulk – low weight attributes
  • Sustainability – solution-dyed – recycled content
  • Available in all finish techniques and capabilities 
  • Global distribution

Prestiva®, yet another innovative fiber from Universal Fibers® delivering exacting color, built-in stain resistance, high bulk, low weight, sustainability and ease of care and maintenance.