Thrive® auto


Universal Fibers® believes true sustainability requires more than resource conservation and recycling. Thrive is designed to support all environmental objectives including low CO2 with recycled content tailored to meet the unique and individual needs of OEM and auto manufacturers, globally. 

More Recycling

Using 100% pre and post-consumer content, Thrive delivers maximum sustainability.

Water Savings

Since Thrive is solution-dyed, as a dry dyeing process virtually zero water is used in coloration.

Less C02

70% less C02 emissions in production - Thrive offers the lightest carbon footprint in the world

Local Sourcing

All materials used in production are sourced locally to reduce carbon emissions associated with shipping and transportation.

Zero Waste

Universal Fibers is recognized as a virtual zero waste company.
Our largest waste stream, plastic from production, is entirely diverted from landfill.

Clean Energy

Thrive is produced in part with carbon-free energy including hydro, solar and wind.