Sustainable Fiber - Automotive Flooring

Thrive® by Universal Fibers® answers global demand for sustainable solution-dyed fiber for use in automotive flooring products and applications. As first to produce and market solution-dyed technology eliminating the need for water coloration, Universal Fibers has been an industry leader in sustainability since 1969. Defined by EnLIST®, a four point commitment to environmental stewardship, Universal Fibers believes true sustainability requires more than resource conservation and recycling. Thrive supports all key objectives including low CO2 process emissions and recycled content tailored to meet the unique and individual needs of OEM and auto manufacturers.

As experts in solution-dyeing, Thrive delivers lot-to-lot consistency throughout the life of OEM programs. This dyeing process evenly disperses color while virtually eliminating crocking and fading associated with harsh cleaning methods and chemicals. Thrive also delivers outstanding UV resistance and meets or exceeds industry requirements for Xenon standards.

To meet the exacting requirements of the global automobile industry, Thrive is offered in a broad range of deniers. It is also available in various forms including twisted, air entangled, and twisted heat-set yarns.

Product Attributes

  • Sustainability
  • Recycled Content
  • Low CO2 Emission
  • PA6 Nylon (recyclable)
  • Solution-Dyed (minimal water)
  • Locked-In Color (minimizes crocking)
  • Lot to Lot Consistency (waste reduction)
  • Available for Flooring, Mats and Serging (color harmony)