Products & Capabilities

We are problem solvers.

Universal Fibers® is proud to serve a variety of industries throughout the world. Our customers include commercial, residential and transportation carpet manufacturers as well as clients in military, performance apparel, interior furnishings, filtration, geotextile, and medical fields.

This extraordinary level of customer diversity comes from a wide range of products and varied capabilities in industry-leading synthetic solution-dyed fiber. In addition, Universal Fibers offers its products in multiple core chemistries, including Nylon 6, Nylon 6,6, PTT and PET as well as specialty chemistries such as PBT, PP, N6,10, N12, and PEI. We also offer customized finished products from solid color singles to highly specialized ready-to-use “packages”. Our dye process is solution-dyed Universal Color® delivering the high performance sustainable technology our customers have come to expect.

Explore our extensive breadth of products, chemistries, techniques, and capabilities below, and see how we can solve problems as your solutions provider.



Producing lightweight, high performance stain and UV-fade resistant fiber is our specialty. Universal FibersSM has specifically developed products to meet the high demands of the marine environment. Challenges such as harsh cleaners, wet environments, and fire resistance are no match for our proprietary production techniques, multiple chemistry capability, and Universal Color®.


For more than 40 years, Universal Fibers® has produced leading fiber products for our aviation customers across the world. We understand the unique performance demands subjected to carpet fiber in aircraft interiors and meet these challenges by delivering the highest standards of stain resistance and outstanding wear with superior styling and limitless solution-dyed color.

Diverse Applications

Universal Fibers takes great pride in being the only fiber producer with flexibility and a willingness to provide broad production capabilities for custom solutions in multiple chemistries. We are U.S. based and welcome your requirements for small to large lots as well as varied chemistries, colors and deniers. Our solutions are used in a host of industries including, performance apparel, interior furnishings, filtration, technical/industrial, geotextile, and medical.