Universal Fibers® Elevates Partnership with burmatex® Launch of “osaka”

Universal Fibers® joins burmatex® ltd in celebration of their newest launch, osaka. The design for osaka was inspired by contrasts in Japanese culture and a map of the city. osaka can be interpreted in a multitude of ways; geometric and inspired by the ancient practise of origami, or organic and reminiscent of a bamboo forest floor. The combination of the abstract nature of the design and a diverse colour palette allows the collection to be both soft and strong. The colours chosen are in keeping with traditional Japanese finishes as well as current trends in commercial design.

Universal Color® was a great tool to use during the colouration process”, said Julia Cusworth, senior designer at burmatex®. osaka offers a unique aesthetic with high end performance. To begin the process, we required a broad palette of sophisticated solution-dyed colours from which to blend and create interesting yarns- both in colour and finish.

By spending time and working closely with the production team at burmatex®, Universal Fibers developed a service model designed to optimise synergies with production requirements at burmatex®. The process included co-developing individual yarn packages custom tailored to enable straight to creel production, thus reducing lead times, cost and waste. “I was very impressed with the fact that representatives from Universal Fibers spent time with us at our manufacturing site in Yorkshire so we could formulate a mutually agreeable plan to service our osaka project.”, Phil Denvers, Tufting Manager at burmatex®.

“We are proud and honoured to be partnered with burmatex® and thrilled with their exciting new launch of osaka”, said Anna Plumb, Sales and Marketing Manager, Universal Fibers. “We look forward to further elevating our relationship and winning together in partnership.”