Where We're Going

Universal Fibers® is committed to continuous innovation. From same-day sample shipment to the next breakthrough in sustainable fiber, Universal Fibers empowers all of its Associates around the world to contribute ideas and solutions to help our customers win.

Our advancements in research and development goals reflect a tradition of industry leadership. Universal Fibers was first to introduce solution-dyeing in a broad color palette, first to utilize a number of recycling technologies, and first to develop three products in support of pre and post-consumer recycling and CO2 reduction.

  • Refresh®: The production of Refresh involves a sophisticated multi-step process which includes post-consumer carpet fiber as one of many recycled ingredients maximizing the use of an abundant resource that would otherwise be landfill waste. Universal Fibers was first to produce nylon 66 carpet fiber with post-consumer content in a broad color palette.
  • Thrive®: In support of Universal Fibers’ objective to reduce CO2 emissions, Thrive delivers the lowest product to CO2 ratio of any nylon 66 carpet fiber in the world and contains 75 per cent recycled content.
  • Rise™ featuring Dupont™ Sorona® : Rise is a renewably sourced polymer offering a rare combination of luxurious softness and styling attributes. With exceptional performance in wear and stain resistance, Rise also reduces dependency on oil and petrochemical-based feedstock.

The future of fiber production will see even more tailored customization, a Universal Fibers specialty. We start with the “What if?” questions and focus on solving the problems that really matter. In the age of information technology, what seemed impossible yesterday is now possible. We are defined by a steadfast commitment to deliver leading sustainable fiber innovation and strive to continuously exceed expectations.