Solution Dyeing

Universal Fibers’ propriety solution-dyed coloration process leads the industry in high performance sustainable fiber production in multiple chemistries. Through groundbreaking innovation, we were first to develop and commercialize solution-dyed technology in a broad color palette minimizing water usage by adding colored pigments directly into the extrusion process. In addition to water conservation, this process locks, non-soluble colors in the yarn, providing excellent color fastness compared to skein and piece dyed yarns.

In solution-dyeing, pure color pigments from Universal Color® are added to the polymer during the melt stage and extruded as fiber delivering color throughout the cross-section of the monofilament. Traditional water-dyed methods require a two-step process whereby fiber must first be produced as “natural undyed fiber” after which color is applied to the surface of the fiber using less efficient high-energy wet-dye processes.

Extended fiber life is another impressive advantage of solution-dyeing, since color is delivered throughout the fiber. Solution-dyed yarns retain their new appearance longer and offer unparalleled stain and fade resistance with outstanding performance against harsh chemicals and cleaning methods.