Unparalleled Performance, Color and Sustainability

Thrive® stands alone as the world’s most environmentally conscious solution-dyed high performance nylon-6,6 carpet fiber delivering the highest level of recycled material, the lowest CO2 and built-in encapsulated stain resistance. Thrive boasts the lowest CO2 output ratio of 1:4. In addition, Thrive consists of 75% recycled content using pre and post-consumer fiber sourced through a proprietary process which converts used carpet diverted from landfills into recyclable material.

Offered with Universal Fibers® exclusive 600 denier "building block", Thrive answers industry demand for high bulk/ light weight fiber while supporting market objectives for styling, performance and ease of care and maintenance. Exacting color is also achieved with Universal Color®, an incredible palette of 284 trend setting colors considered best-in-class by industry professionals and product designers, globally.

Learn more about how Thrive aligns with a variety of environmental initiatives including LEED® v3, LEED® v4, the Living Building Challenge®, the WELL Building Standard®, Green Globes®, BREEAM® and the 2030 Challenge for Products.

 Features and Attributes:

  • 100% solution-dyed nylon 6,6 for superior performance and color fastness
  • Lowest product to CO2; Product Ratio 1:4
  • Highest recycled content; 75%
  • Universal Color® - 284 colors - Considered best-in-class
  • Built-in encapsulated stain resistance
  • Low weight options including proprietary 600 denier building block
  • Available in all finish techniques and capabilities

Thrive from Universal Fibers delivers extraordinary color, performance, durability and sustainability. All with the added assurance of independent GreenCircle certification.

Universal Fibers