Universal Fibers, Inc. Launches Thrive™ at NeoCon 2016

Universal Fibers, Inc. Launches Thrive at NeoCon 2016

(Bristol, Virginia USA) – Universal Fibers® further elevates its global product offering with the introduction of Thrive®, the most sustainable high performance solution-dyed nylon 66 carpet fiber in the world.

"As pioneers in eco-fiber innovation, Universal Fibers’ commitment to sustainability is unwavering and steadfast. Thrive supports this commitment by delivering the highest level of recycled material with the lightest carbon footprint,” says Brendan McSheehy, Vice President of Innovation and Sustainability for Universal Fibers. Combining 75% recycled content with the lowest product to CO2 ratio, Thrive optimizes product life cycle, delivers lasting superior performance and is being heralded as best-in-class by industry professionals, globally.

Universal Fibers is offering Thrive with built-in encapsulated stain resistance and its exclusive 600 denier "building block", answering industry demand for high bulk capability while supporting market objectives for styling, light weight and ease of care and maintenance. Exacting color is also achieved with Universal Color®, the most expansive color palette in the industry providing 284 trend setting hues scientifically developed as a base from which any color may be created in color space.

"We are very proud to be introducing this exciting new product to the market, and gratified by very positive response from the A&D community as well as the global carpet industry,” says Bill Goodman, Universal Fibers’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are confident the benefits and attributes of Thrive will support our customer objectives for superior performance, innovative styling and leading sustainable technology."